• I've been at Human Harmonies for over four months now. Prior to that, I identified myself as a modern day yogi who practiced for over eight years. I began questioning that once a chronic injury led to restricting my movement in everyday life. I felt that I was at the end of a road and had no idea how to heal myself. Even my doctor said that I would eventually require surgery and then would probably be looking at hip replacement by age 45. I was shocked. I knew a tai chi studio had recently opened just down the road, so I walked in the door and spoke with the owner John. He listened to me for over 30 minutes and recommend I try a free lesson. I then purchased a month and have been going 5X per week since. I am committed to my health and wellness. I now have more mobility in my hip and torso than I've seen in a few years. One thing I also noticed was that my will power was depleted prior to attending the school. Over time, my yoga practice didn't address my injury and it left me empty inside on many levels. Since practicing at Human Harmonies I feel strength, not just physically, but in my capacity and drive as a human. I think this is the case because John and George have taken the time to know me as a person and push me to the edge of my capacities while keeping my hip and lower back in mind. There are no bells and whistles here. Only hard work to physically heal and grow, and mindfulness to learn to live more holistically. One a final note, John and George have both taken the time to sit down with me on a personal level on several occasions. They both have checked on my progress not only physically, but also in other areas of my life. This room, this school is one of the few places in this world that is invested in ME as a person. I highly recommend you stop on by.

    Dan V.
  • I have been a student of Human Harmonies since August 2016... I sincerely hope to continue my training further for many years to come!  (The instructors) ... are amazing, caring, and extremely focused! They each bring a wonderful enthusiasm and passion for training to their classes and they go well above and beyond providing instruction within their classes!  … It makes me as a student look forward to each class and to do my best.  

    John M.
  • Learning and practicing Qigong with Human Harmonies is a life-enhancing experience. We learn simple moves that focus our minds and bodies to give us increased alignment and strength...This is an easy practice to add to our lives. We...appreciate this work that develops our bodies to be flexible and alert.

    Joan B. & Marc S.