“…In a world where so many of us are glued to a chair in front of a computer, barely moving for hours, Human Harmonies plays a vital role in bringing back flexibility and relieving stress.”
- Nancy S.





“I started Human Harmonies at the recommendation of my doctor to start Tai Chi to help with Fibromyalgia. I discovered she was right. The pain has been greatly reduced. I have been amazed at how much exercise is involved in the slow movements of Tai Chi…… it is as good as any aerobic class. Human Harmonies is definitely a great way to improve your overall well being!”

- Carolyn S.




"Upon having three years of doctors, pills and third opinions, I happened to come across a radio program telling the value of Tai Chi and heard that it helps the mind and the balance. After having medical problems which caused my balance to be very bad, I decided to give Human Harmonies a try. This class has so improved my balance. My husband saw an improvement after the second class. The instructors are all so helpful, and aware of your problems, if you have any. They do everything but hold your hand. My instructor has been so patient with me and explained everything so well. I can see what she is trying to teach me.

Everyone should experience this class. You are not " too old to do this". Yes, you can do this. You'll feel so good after the class."

- Bonnie H