We live in a field of Chi, “vital breath” or “life energy.” Yet, like a fish in water, we are unaware of the medium that supports us. Qigong or Chi Gong means “energy work”. It is the ancient Chinese art and science of becoming aware of this life energy and learning how to control its flow through a precise choreography of posture, movement, respiratory technique, and meditation. Like biofeedback, QiGong teaches psycho physiological self- regulation; the student becomes aware of bodily functions conventionally considered involuntary– blood pressure, respiratory rate, even the flow of blood and nutrients to internal organs– and learns to restore a healthier balance. Qigong is one of the most cost-effective self-healing methods in the world. The only investment needed is time, a half- hour to an hour each day; the dividends of better health, increased vitality, and peaceful alertness accrue daily and are cumulative.